E-shop catalog: product list creation

allows you to create different depth categories tree. Categories and subcategories have a description, images:

  • enter the category tree with pictures and descriptions, which is very useful from the SEO side ;
  • enter the number of items in each category row;
  • select the automatic placing of goods on the list (standard, by name, price);
  • enter, adjust items with descriptions and images and other relevant information (price, quantity, etc.);
  • enter the product attributes (size, color and etc.), upload images, write prices, quantities, parameters (manufacturer, size, etc.);
  • enter additional attributes, which can change the price (packaging, gift);
  • specify the minimum amount of goods purchased;
  • sell the downloadable documents;
  • product can have a discount or can be as special offer;

Išskirkite norimas prekes išskirtiniais ženkliukais

  • write special price for Shipper group;
  • sign related goods, which will be shown in product page;
  • activate the products filter, product search, detailed search or search by parameters;
  • add the quantity of products;
  • offer to customers to compare products, sort products by manufacturer, price, title, keywords;
  • Import tool: import products from csv or excel file | you can import to 450 products in one time.




E-shop design editing and e-shop solution features:


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E-shop design themes examples:

E-shop design theme Orange >

E-shop design theme Handbag >

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Design templates are modified during the design tool and can be adapted to different types of goods and services. You can sell on internet furniture, home appliances, plants, food, jewelry, clothing, computers, mobile phones, equipment, products for animals, sports, household chemicals, auto parts, cosmetics, equipment and others. You can reach the buyers in big Lithuania cities Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Alytus, Marijampolė, Panevėžys, Utena, Ukmergė or small towns or abroad: England, Latvia, Estonia, Russia or other countries.