E-shop solution features and functionality

Freeshop.lt offers "E-shop rent + hosting" services. You just have to choose Pro or Pro+ services plan, make a payment and start e-business in 1 workday.

Pro and Pro+ plans consists of:

  1. E-shop solution rent (full functionality, editable design template)
  2. E-shop hosting (trusted data center, 3 days data base backups)
  3. E-shop and server software updates and maintenance
  4. E-shop functionality, payment, delivery, advertise methods, statistic integration (free updates)
  5. Free consultations via email about e-shop system management in Lithuanian and English languages

Pro and Pro+ differences: additional services and server limits.

In addition you can order a domain - extra costs for the year 8,99 EUR + VAT. Or you can register a domain name by your self.

E-shop functions in detail


E-shop solution functions:

1. Display information, articles

Editable article information in e-shop

Create and manage store information, drop-down menu. Display e-shop content in different languages​​ (Lithuanian, English, Russian, Latvian). Communicate directly with customers via Livechat.lt, Zopim.com. More >>

2. Change e-shop layout structure

Editable page layout

Change information structure in different pages:  title, catalog, categories, products, articles, pages. Change layout >>

3. Change template design

Keiskite, kurkite skirtingus dizainus, taikykite juos

Change the logo, favicon. Select free design template and change it using design editor. Change header, menu, footer, inner and outer color, buttons, text color, upload the images and do design style according your needs. Create different designs templates, and apply it, when you need. More >>

4. Create product catalog, products

Editable categories tree, products

Enter the product categories, products. Import products from excel . You can enter product weights, attributes , tick special offers, add discount, upload images, quantity in stock and more.  More >>

5. Enter product shipping rates

Editable shipping rates

Create shipping rates: by bus, by courier. Differentiate it according sum or weight of the cart. Use integration with DPD courier, Omniva terminals. More >>

6. Activate payment methods

Editable payment methods

Create payment methods: cash, simply bank transfer, integration with Paysera.com, Paypal.com, Swedbank banklink or the leasing. More >>

7. Work with SEO optimization

SEF tool for SEO optimisation

Sign e-shop with Google Analytic tool (analyse users, conversion statistic and etc.). The e-shop system has SEF tool, which help you easy work with e-shop content (meta title, description). It is possible to create 301 URL redirection, system automatically create XMAP, URL according category, product name, article title. The category, product name has H1 tag. More >>

8. Manage buyer data

Editable user information

Create, edit customer data, allow purchase without registration or with registration. Assign customers into Shopper groups, give them discount. Communicate with customers through Livechat.lt, Zopim.com. See a list of buyers, who placed the products in the cart, but did not buy it. Give the opportunity to put the goods to wish list or get the message, when the product has received in the stock. More >>

9. Manage orders

Manage orders, change order information, change statuses

Change the order status (approved, rejected), change order information: products, quantity, buyer data, delivery method, apply discounts, send sms to customers about order status via Gsms.lt integration. More >>


10. Invoices and data export

Create invoices templates in different languages. Activate automatic billing - by order status create invoice and send it to customer. Export products, buyers and orders data to csv format. Import quantity of products information from excel. More >>

11. Advertise and newsletters

Newsletters integration with Mailerlite.lt

Promote your products in eShops.lt using XML import. Use Mailerlite.lt integration for newsletters. More >>

12. Bonuses system

Activate bonuses system, modify rules for bonuses calculating. Allow customers to collect bonuses and use them as a discount by paying for goods. More >>

13. SSL, API

Užtikrinkite duomenų apsaugą su saugumo sertifikatu

  • guarantee safe shopping process with SSL security certificate (34.46 EUR + VAT per year) and a unique IP address for 5.79 + VAT monthly
  • sign e-shop with your account or other system using API specification.

14. Consultation and help

Find all instructions in client website

Consultation about e-shop system management is via e-mail in Lithuanian and English languages. Most instructions, how to manage the system you can find in website: klientams.freeshop.lt/en. If you prepare e-shop and want to start, you can ask us to check the e-shop configuration. We will check your e-shop and write recommendation, what you must to change or which function you can use in addition.



Plan Pro: price 40,26 EUR + VAT / month

Choose plan Pro and you will get full e-shop functionality (see plans functions in detail >>).

  • 4000 Mb server space - you can enter in e-shop 60 thousand products with optimal size images 1000x1000px.
  • 200 Gb data traffic - 2000 unique users can visit your e-shop in the same time per day.


Plan Pro+: price 115,56 EUR + VAT / month

Choose plan Pro+ and you will get full e-shop functionality (see plans functions in detail >>) + additional services: 

  • unlimited server space;
  • unlimited data traffic;
  • free unique design template on existing functionality;
  • free logo;
  • free 1 domain with endings *.lt, *.eu, *.com;
  • free SSL security certificate (Rapid SSL) and unique IP address;
  • consultation via email in Lithuanian and English languages and 16 hours Skype training, how to manage e-shop functions during order period.




E-shop design editing and e-shop solution features:


| | E-shop functions > | Editable design templates >



E-shop design themes examples:

E-shop design theme Orange >

E-shop design theme Handbag >

Design themes >>

Design templates are modified during the design tool and can be adapted to different types of goods and services. You can sell on internet furniture, home appliances, plants, food, jewelry, clothing, computers, mobile phones, equipment, products for animals, sports, household chemicals, auto parts, cosmetics, equipment and others. You can reach the buyers in big Lithuania cities Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Alytus, Marijampolė, Panevėžys, Utena, Ukmergė or small towns or abroad: England, Latvia, Estonia, Russia or other countries.