E-shop suitability to SEO optimization: opinion of professionals about Freeshop.lt

Freeshop.lt e-shop solution is prepared for working with SEO:

1. SEF (Search Engine Friendly) tool: there you can add meta title, description, change URL, redirect 301 URL link and etc.;

2. System generate URL according product name;

3. You can create text modules and write there different content. Content is very important for google search, so you can add category description and add other text in different places of page;

4. You can create advertise modules and exchanging links with other systems;

5. Links in the e-shop - you can show all categories tree with subcategories;

6. It's easy to relate e-shop with „Google analytics“ and analyze statistic;

7. Display Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN or other social channel icons, buttons and etc.

8. Get link from www.freeshop.lt website - high rating in google search;

9. Automatically e-shop domain will work with www and without www;

10. Extra small but important gadgets, that we did for you: the logo link to the home page, auto title, the word "price" in product page, sitemap generation tool and etc.

Freeshop.lt e-shop solution (system) is very well prepared for work with SEO. I've seen a lot of individual produced electronic stores with low level of the SEO preparation. Then e-shop owner have to draw up lists of requests and improvements for e-shop developer company.

We can start working with Freeshop.lt clients immediately, because system is already prepared for SEO.

I recommend Freeshop.lt system for e-business beginners (because a lot of things already are done) and SEO professionals. In my opinion, if you will start e-business with Freeshop.lt platform success will be higher.

Andrius Sejonas

SEO internet marketing company Market Rats director



E-shop design editing and e-shop solution features:


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Design templates are modified during the design tool and can be adapted to different types of goods and services. You can sell on internet furniture, home appliances, plants, food, jewelry, clothing, computers, mobile phones, equipment, products for animals, sports, household chemicals, auto parts, cosmetics, equipment and others. You can reach the buyers in big Lithuania cities Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Alytus, Marijampolė, Panevėžys, Utena, Ukmergė or small towns or abroad: England, Latvia, Estonia, Russia or other countries.