E-shop integrations

has integration with other systems to simplify the sale process

Payment methods integrations:

Atsiskaitymui už prekes naudokite Mokėjimai.lt integraciją Automated payment system, that allows customers to pay via various Lithuanian, Latvian banks and other payment methods. More >>
Atsiskaitymui už prekes naudokite Paypal.com integraciją Automated payment system, that allows customers to pay via credit card inside the state and abroad. More >>
Atsiskaitymui už prekes naudokite Opay.lt integraciją Online payment collection system, which allows buyers to pay for purchases in the most convenient way. More >>
Atsiskaitymui už prekes naudokite Paypal.com integraciją Automated payment collection system through which buyers will be able to make payments without leaving your online store and all the money will be automatically collected into your free IBAN account. More >>
Atsiskaitymui už prekes naudokite Swedbank banklink integraciją Payment via Swedbank banklink. Additionally requires to order SSL certificate. More >>
Atsiskaitymui už prekes naudokite Šiaulių banko lizingo integraciją Leasing via Šiaulių banko lizingu. Only in Lithuania!

Shipping rates:

Shipping via DPD courier or parcel delivery to points. More >>

Works only in Lithuania | Possible to set up in Latvia

Prekių pristatymui naudokite LPExpress paštomatų integraciją Shipping via LP EXPRESS terminals. Only in Lithuania!
Prekių pristatymui naudokite Post24 paštomatų integraciją Shipping via Omniva terminals. More >>

Other integrations:

Bendravimui su klientais naudokite Livechat.lt integraciją Chat for Lithuania. Only in Lithuania !
Gaukite sms apie naujus užsakymus Send and get SMS about new order and order status change. More >>
Stebėkite parduotuvės lankomumą ir kitą statistiką per Google Analytics Collect e-shop statistics (unique visitors, page view), promotional campaigns, analysis, reports.

If you want to use integration, you must to sign contract with partner individually.

If you have any questions, please contact us >>



E-shop design editing and e-shop solution features:


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E-shop design themes examples:

E-shop design theme Orange >

E-shop design theme Handbag >

Design themes >>

Design templates are modified during the design tool and can be adapted to different types of goods and services. You can sell on internet furniture, home appliances, plants, food, jewelry, clothing, computers, mobile phones, equipment, products for animals, sports, household chemicals, auto parts, cosmetics, equipment and others. You can reach the buyers in big Lithuania cities Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Alytus, Marijampolė, Panevėžys, Utena, Ukmergė or small towns or abroad: England, Latvia, Estonia, Russia or other countries.